commissioning a portrait

If you would like a portrait or your pet, loved one or house/office, please get in touch via my contact page to discuss your needs so that I can provide you with a personalised quote.


All portraits are drawn from your photographs. Human and animal portraits are done in pencil, whilst I specialise in watercolour and ink for buildings. You can see some examples below, and you'll find more in my portfolio.
I use high quality, heavy weight paper and your portrait will come mounted, ready to frame. I can also assist you in framing should you find this helpful.
I normally need a lead time of 2-3 weeks but if you have a special date fast approaching then I will do my best to accommodate a rush order for you.





If you'd prefer to invest in a portrait in full colour, there's no one I could recommend more than my talented Mother, Claire. She has been specialising in beautiful watercolour portraits for almost 30 years. Do check her out here.

taking photos for your portrait

As I work in a high level of detail, a good quality photo is essential to producing a successful portrait. It is really worth investing a bit of time and effort in the beginning!

Below I have outlined some tips to help you capture the perfect photo of your subject:

  • A digital camera is best, though a camera on your phone or tablet can work too if you apply the rest of the tips

  • Take your photos in natural daylight. Inside, sit them near a window. Outside, a slightly overcast but bright day is ideal

  • Photos look best without the flash and if you are taking them in bright enough daylight there will be no need to use it

  • Crouch down to your subject's level so you are facing them head on and not taking the photo from too much of an angle above or below

  • Get close to your subject, their head should almost fill the frame

  • Take lots and lots of photos varying the angle slightly and then choose the best. I'll happily assist you with the selection if you can't decide

  • Try to capture your subject looking happy and relaxed - their personality in the photo will be reflected in the finished portrait





Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 13.48.48.png

I've always enjoyed drawing and painting buildings. My style for these types of portraits tends to be a little looser and freer than when trying to capture something living. I work predominantly in a mixture of watercolour and fine-liner.



Tailored quotes upon request

Any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch. A link to my email can be found via the icon at the bottom of this page, or you can use the 'contact' tab above.